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Based on our experience with our customers, we have prepared this FAQ Section.

General Topics

Our charges are one-time, payable yearly. There are NO recurring, commission, hidden or maintainance fees. Your contract is valid for 1 Year, from the date of order. We don’t have transaction fees, etc. even if you run an online store.

Each package support only one domain name. You may either a) purchase our package multiple times for each domain or, b) you can setup redirects (multiple domain names pointing to one domain).

We do NOT provide domain name registration services and we do NOT provide domain names free. We may offer domain name service in the future. We request our customers to book domain names on their own.

There are 100’s of providers, some for your reference as a courtesy:


  1. namecheap.com
  2. godaddy.com
  3. hostgator.com
  4. ionos.com


You can use any domain name registrar to use our hosting package. You have to modify the DNS settings in your control panel provided by the domain name registrar.

Yes. All our plans include free SSL. You cannot use a 3rd party TLS/SSL certificate from other providers at this point.

You can logon to your control panel and create professional email accounts (like yourname@yourdomainname.extension). We request you to keep the control panel and other credentials safe and confidential.

Not at this point. Our packages are meant for startups, who intend to start from scratch. You may migrate by hiring an expert. Similarly if you prefer to move your website/online store from us, you can hire an expert.

There is no direct answer, you have to evaluate over a period of time to determine exact technical requirements. Any software requires strong underlying hardware to support heavy usage. We request you to monitor using 3rd party analytic software periodically to plan. In general our package should support 5k to 10k visitors a month. If you are expecting high volume traffic, then we advice you to go for VPS or Dedicated servers available from other providers. We do NOT provide VPS or Dedicated servers at this point.

You may cancel your order within 7 days from the date of order, beyond which there are no cancellations allowed; you will receive full refund within 12 to 15 working days (weekdays) from the time your cancellation is approved during which we may contact you only via the registered email (please make sure you check the junk folders as well).

Please note that there NO auto renewals. It is your responsibility to renew after your contract ends. Your data /website will be removed after 15 days from the date of expiry if not renewed.

Marketing & Promotions

We expect our customers to learn and manage on their own. You may refer to respective product websites or contact us if you need assistance (we will try to point you in the right direction to save time, if possible).

Currently we don’t have plans to promote website/online store. Please refer our articles for further details.

Currently we don’t offer SEO and/or digital marketing services. Kindly contact an expert.

Search engines work based on algorithms and you have to follow recommendations & guidelines provided by a search engine provider. You cannot expect a website/online store to get listed in the first page (or any subsequent page) of search results overnight. You may contact a digital marketing specialist for proper advice.


Please refer:


  1. https://search.google.com/search-console/about?hl=en
  2. https://support.google.com/business/answer/7342169

No. Please hire an expert or you can create it yourself by referring to following links:


Website Content

We are NOT legal experts; we request you contact a legal expert.

Kindly contact respective providers.

Kindly contact respective providers.

We provide guides and articles, which are updated time-to-time for your reference. We do NOT provide training of any sort; there are many tutorials widely available through Blogs, YouTube, etc. which you may refer.

We do NOT provide development services.

We have no plans for developing themes or plugins.

We cannot NOT keep backups of your data as per our policy. Its your website/online store and therefore your data; therefore, it is your responsibility to keep backups.

We have used your email address registered at the time of purchase. You may use forgot password link and change password as required. We cannot reset passwords or anything similar.


You can use WordPress or similar software, to create a blog. Then you can use the blog facility to create posts or articles to engage audience.

We do NOT restrict adding plugins for chat and other facilities. You may use any of the following software (provided as a courtesy):






Please note that we do NOT provide support of any kind; kindly take extra caution when adding plugins or when extending functional code (Make sure you have a backup).

Strictly NO. Please use a 3rd party provider for bulk emails. You are allowed to use the email accounts provided by us only for business and transactional purposes only.








Not at this point. You can contact a service provider. Some service providers have plugins for WordPress/WooCommerce Integration.

No. We do NOT integrate payment gateways. Please contact provider and/or developer.

No. Please contact a developer and/or shipping provider.

Our service is limited to web hosting, we cannot upload products.

Kindly refer the following links, provided as a courtesy: